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February 2021

Dear Sangha and Dharma friends,

On February 12 we welcome in the lunar year of the Iron Ox! The last year has been challenging. We all miss being able to assemble together in the shrine room for pujas, yidam instruction/practice, calm abiding practice and the Mahamudra retreats. It may be Fall before we can once again resume our regular schedule of indoor activities.

With a new year comes a sense of renewal. Let's take this as an opportunity to refresh our commitment to open our hearts and minds. We can use this opportunity of self isolation to develop and refine our individual meditation practices, in formal sessions and in post meditation. It is important to deepen and grow our heartfelt practice of loving kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity. While we may be limited as to what we are able to do in the world to alleviate the suffering we see, prayer and tonglen practice can connect us. We need to trust our own discernment as to what will best nurture and sustain our wisdom and goodness of heart and truly be of benefit to ourselves and others.

Thank you to all who continue to support Kagyu Takten Puntsokling (KTP) through your monetary donations. Although our doors are not open we still have expenses and we also continue to support our lineage Lamas. Your donations ensure we can continue as a Dharma center.

We are a 501(c)(3) Religious Organization and your donations are deductible to the extent allowed by law. To renew your membership for 2021, click on the printable coupon in the adjacent sidebar and mail it with a check payable to KTP to PO Box 771, Sebastopol, CA 95473. You may also just send a check to the above address and note if it is for membership or is a donation. Any amount appreciated!

Thank you again for your support. My best wishes for your health, happiness, good fortune and good practice in the year of the Iron Ox!

Lama Damtsik

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To enable KTP to continue these activities, we ask for your renewed financial and active support. Your membership and donations help us cover operating expenses and fund donations to visiting lamas and Rinpoches in India.

We are a nonprofit 501[c](3) Religious Organization and your donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Membership Levels are as follows: Active Member, $20/month; Family Membership, $30/month; Supporting Member, $50/month. Benefits of membership include substantial discounts on all retreats, empowerments, bookstore purchases and cabin use. You will also receive Unlimited Merit! Please make your check payable to KTP.

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